Cosmos NGC 1097

NGC 1097 (also known as Caldwell 67) is a barred spiral galaxy about 45 million light years away in the constellation Fornax. It was discovered by William Herschel on 9 October 1790. It is a severely interacting galaxy with obvious tidal debris and distortions caused by interaction with the companion galaxy NGC 1097A.

Four supernovae have been observed in NGC 1097: SN 1992bd (type II, mag. 15), SN 1999eu (type II-pec, mag. 19.7), SN 2003B (type II, mag. 17.6), and SN 2023rve (type II, mag. 14). NGC 1097 is also a Seyfert galaxy. Deep photographs revealed four narrow optical jets that appear to emanate from the nucleus.


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