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“Soleá” is a flamenco singing style. “The Andonda”, a gypsy singer, was the first reference of this style. She was married with the singer “El Fillo”, who died in Sevilla in 1878.

Oldest documents date from the 1850s, referring it as “La Soledad”. Sometimes as “soleá granaina”. In any case, these adjectives denote that this was very different from the current style.

“Soleá” dancing is performed by an only dancer with great expressiveness. Movements can be typically feminine and are accompanied by “zapateado”. Dancer also draws attention moving his hips with seriousness and rudeness.

Although “soleá” rhythm is heavy and slow, measure is similar to “bulerías” and “alegrías” (with other character). Considering music theory, rhythm would start on the pulse that is marked as 3, as way of following the lyrics of the song. Therefore, it would be a three beat rhythm with a changed accent, better said, a twelve pulse rhythm: 3+2+2+2+3.

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