Jutta Hipp Day

Jutta Hipp (February 4, 1925 – April 7, 2003) was a jazz pianist and composer who also had some success as a painter.

Hipp was born on February 4, 1925 in Leipzig, Germany. Her family was middle class, with a Protestant background. She began playing the piano at the age of nine. She first studied painting in Germany. Jazz was disapproved of by Nazi Germany, so Hipp listened to it during “clandestine gatherings in friends’ homes and […] during bombing raids. Instead of joining her parents and brother in the basement shelter […] she hunkered down in front of the radio transcribing jazz tunes played on forbidden radio stations.”She studied at the Leipzig Academy of Graphic Arts before moving as a refugee to the western zones of Germany in 1946 after Russia occupied Leipzig.

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