World Music with Pepe Luis Carmona

World Music on Flamenco Fridays with Solea por Buleria
Born in Madrid in 1968, he is a member of one of the main flamenco dynasties: Los Habichuela.
Son of the great guitarist Luis Habichuela, nephew of Juan Habichuela and Pepe Habichuela, guitar, singing and flamenco accompanied him as a child.
 From small his voice was coupled to the sound of the guitars of the Habichuelas, getting to transfer the wood sound characteristic of the family to his voice, creating a unique style and until now unmatched.
 Jondo and pure in the wisdom of the great masters, for Pepe Luis Carmona everything was small and together with friends and family he founded the “Barbería del Sur”, merging the rhythms and the sound of always with the avant-garde of the moment. They travel around the world with their songs, and at the top of their fame, they decide to leave the band in the hands of Paquete and el Negri and create their own music, with that characteristic sound of their music and voice: “Caido del Cielo”.

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