Cosmos VdB 152

The main focus of the shot is, of course, van den Bergh 152 (also catalogued as LBN 531), which is perched on the top (from this point of view–North is down and East is right) of the Barnard 175 Bok globule. Also atop B175 just to the right of vdB 152 is the tiny Herbig-Haro 450, visible as a red splotch. Tycho 4467-434-1, the star that is illuminating vdB 152 was probably not born in the surrounding dust and will eventually drift away from the main structure. But for now, it seems to be kicking up a swirling maelstrom in the dust and gas belonging to B175. More prominently, the wispy supernova remnant G 110.3 +11.3 is visible in Ha coursing through the field from the Northeast toward the Southwest. Nearby is the planetary nebula Dengel-Hartl 5.

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