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World Music on Flamenco Fridays with  José Antonio Rodríguez

Performing Farruca.

Farruca (Spanish pronunciation: [faˈruka]) is a form of flamenco music. It is a light form typical of cante chico, and is traditionally danced only by men. It is said to have been invented in the 19th century by guitarist Ramón Montoya and flamenco dancer Faíco; others who stylized and expanded farruca included Antonio de Bilbao. Ramirez, Manolito la Rosa, El Batato and Rafaela Valverde, and La Tanguera. Other sources indicate that Farruca originated in Galicia, a region in northern Spain.

Although there are female flamenco dancers who exclusively danced farruca too (such as Rafaela Valverde also known as La Tanguera), these female dancers originally danced the farruca wearing male clothing. Women dancers such as Carmen Amaya and Sara Baras have also created well-known versions of the dance.

Farruca is seldom sung.

The farruca is commonly played in the key of A minor.

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