Flamenco Fridays featuring Bulerias.

When dancing, you can typically expect one letra to enter with, another letra to “dance to,” and one or two coletillas. (Sometimes there will be more singing, sometimes less.)

Within the structure, it will look something like this:

  • Salida [letra to enter with. Always come in with the singing of a letra.]

  • Marcaje(s) [next letra or coletilla]]

  • Paso de bulerías [letra or coletilla]

  • Llamada [letra or coletilla]

  • Patá [end of letra or coletilla]

  • (Marcaje or Paso de bulerías) [end of letra or coletilla]

  • Llamada [coletilla]

  • Final [coletilla]

Once you begin dancing, the singing never stops. In other words, you will not be abandoned! The singer will continue singing (or giving you jaleos at the least) until have finished your dance. (Learn more about that, and see a video example with Mercedes Ruíz here.)

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